Invoking HTTP Google Cloud Function from Google App Engine service in the same project


To build an encryption/decryption module. Since it did not require sharing state between executions and the module was simple and single-purpose, the decision was to use GCF.


Once the cloud function is created, it uses Google Key Management Service (KMS) to encrypt and decrypt data.


It was configured to be HTTP triggered (there are other ways to trigger it) and authentication enabled (unauthenticated is the other option — it would make the function accessible to the public). Simply put, google gave an https URL which when invoked would call the cloud function if authenticated.

Getting ID Token & Calling the Function

  1. Call<your_function_url> with header Metadata-Flavor: Google(this makes sure the default service account is used)
  2. The received token has to be used in Authorization header, with bearer as prefix.



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